Windows DesktopAppConverter

I am trying to get some of my Xojo apps into the Windows store. The hoop I am currently trying to jump through requires a lengthy terminal command providing the

During my last attempt I got an error that it could not find the installer. My path was correct but I did not have the .iss extension on the Inno file. Before heading back into battle I thought it might be prudent to check this forum. For those of you that have done this, am I on the right track? Or does the DesktopAppConverter handle .iss files differently? I haven’t found any examples of this command being used with a iss file.
Thank you TJ

I encourage you to read this Forum Thread:Windows Store sign up
Especially this post with the “How-To (PDF)” by Eugene Dakin

The Converter can’t do anything useful with a “inno setup script”. One way is to convert your “installer.exe” (which you’ve built with InnoSetup).

This is explained in Eugene Dakin’s HowTo. And you’ll find a lot more information in the Forum Thread linked above.