Windows Declare book updated

I Wish I Knew How To… Implement Declares with Xojo on Windows has been updated to version 2.3, September 2017. There are 20 chapters and the book contains more than 500 pages with over 95 example programs.

Declares are used to extend the commands and capabilities of Xojo to allow more functionality and options. For those who have purchased previous 2.x versions, this is a free update.

New to Version 2.3 – September 2017

  1. Updated Example 6-11 SendMessageW call
  2. Updated Example 10-3 SendMessageW call
  3. Updated Example 10-4 SendMessageW call
  4. Added Struct ByRef for Pointer in ByRef and ByVal Section
  5. Added information on ANSI and Unicode (A and W Suffix) (use Unicode on all new programs)
  6. Added more conversion Data Types for TChar in Appendix A
  7. Added Comparison between Unicode Structure, Unicode MemoryBlock, ANSI Structure, and ANSI MemoryBlock code for the same declare (Example 1-19) – 32-bit and 64-bit compatible
  8. Created Multiple Display detail information in Example 19-1 – 32 bit and 64-bit compatible
  9. Created primary display working area size in Example 19-2 – 32 bit and 64 bit compatible
  10. Updated POINTAPI structure for screen compatibility with Examples 7-2 through 7-5. (Integer to Int32)
  11. Added chapter on Multiple Monitors (32-bit and 64-bit Unicode compatible)
    11 a) Monitor Theory
    11 b) Multiple monitors
    11 c) Virtual Desktop and dimensions
    11 d) Monitor Number
    11 e) Total Monitor Screen Dimensions
    11 f) Working Monitor Screen Dimensions

This book is a PDF document and all examples include Xojo code. No plugins are needed with this book. The Table of Contents has a listing of all examples in the book, and is on the authors website at, in the books header.

ISBN: 978-1-927924-10-5

This book can be purchased at