Windows Codesigning Certificate recommendation

Does anyone have the name of good Windows CodeSign certificate Issuer for OV certificates? I’ve been using which issues Sectigo certificates, for the last 7 or so years. But I think they may be out of business, I can’t get them to return emails and their phone number just goes to voicemail.

I don’t sell out of the Microsoft Store, just downloadable programs from the general web. The Mac I have down using Sam’s AppWrapper, but this Windows hiccup caught me off guard. I need to find something in the next month or so.

When I was investigating an EV certificate, I looked at by recommendation of someone else. They actually reached out to me and set me up with a one-on-one associate to try and figure out the best solution for me.

I ended up not following through on an EV certificate at the time because of the slow-to-propagate DnB listing. When it comes closer to the expiration of my current certificate, I will be looking there first.

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Thanks, for the reply, Tim. I’ve heard their name, I think they were on the Microsoft list. If I don’t hear from soon, I’ll check them out as well any other recommendations listed here. Again, thanks for the quick reply.

If you’re thinking about, I documented my own experience this summer working through the process with them. Here’s the start of the thread with my replies.


Thanks, Patrick, that was a very informative thread. Once the certificate is in place and usable, I have found Windows codesigning to be easier than on the Mac. But getting the certificate and everything where it needs to be is a whole other story.

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