Windows Build Says PagePanel Tab Does Not Exist - OutofBoundsException

I have a pagepanel with four tabs (0,1,2,3). I have four buttons which control what tab is visible. Each button also resets any previous button to an up state. Each button’s code is the same aside from the pagepane tab value and the button which is commented out. This is the code for the last button.

Button Action:

PagePanel1.Value = 3
B1.Value = False
B2.Value = False
B3.Value = False
'B4.Value = False

Button MouseDown Event:

If Me.Value = True then
Return True
End If

I did a test build for Windows and using CrossOver I am getting a Exception of Class OutofBoundsException Not Handled Error for the line “PagePanel1.Value = 3”. The Mac version works fine, but for some reason the Windows build thinks the last tab does not exist. Perhaps its an issue with CrossOver which is not an actual PC.

Crossover is a wonderful product but its level of compatibility is IMHO much too low for serious development. The error could very well come from a compatibility issue. Besides, you do not have access to logs and reports Windows provide. You need a true emulator, such as VirtualBox, which you can download for free from

Thanks for the information.

It works well with the XP Pro disks I had leftover from VirtualPC on my PPC Macs.

The issue has to do with a listbox on that tab panel, which I’ve opened another thread for.