Windows BevelButton does not support Webdings unicode

OS: Windows 8

Xojo: Xojo 2015r1

Steps: In Windows, fonts such as Segoe UI Symbol, Wingdings and Webdings are the equivalent of Cocoa NSImage. They provide a wide variety of icons necessary to build modern apps. In order to best emulate the Metro look, I have elected to use BevelButtons so they can have the proper 2 pixels border.

I ran into the present issue when I tried to use the glyphs as icons on bevelbuttons : they never showed. I tried several standard dingbat fonts to no avail. The same glyphs show perfectly on standard buttons, canvases, as well as in TextAreas. But no way to get that on a bevelButton.

The attached project shows the issue ; bevelbuttons are on the left, and normal buttons on the right.

The same project on Mac shows the icons on the bevelButtons fine.