Windows - background color on windows

My app on Mac looks fine to me but on Windows it is an ugly brownish gray but that is the same color I see in the Xojo IDE as well as all my windows apps at the “menus”.

Any guidance on making the app look more up to date? Or guidance on whether I am supposed to just leave it alone and it automatically uses Windows settings for that?

Trying to understand what my options are… nuclear option is I manually set the background color to say a silver color that looks a bit better than the gray. But that won’t respond to any windows settings and will take a fair amount of work to do that to all my windows.

This is set by your color scheme in Control Panel.
All your apps are supposed to use the same ‘background color’ to make them feel consistent.

[quote]Click the Start button and then click Control Panel.
In the search box, type color scheme, and then click Change the color scheme.
Click Advanced.
In the Item list, click the part of Windows where you want to change the color.[/quote]

Of course, the new Windows UI more or less throws that idea out with the bathwater…

Jeff can you clarify [quote]Of course, the new Windows UI more or less throws that idea out with the bathwater…[/quote]

Are you referring to Windows 10?
And if so what if anything should I do for that?

New apps have their own colors :

Basically, you can choose the color you like best for your window background and not worry about outdated systems behaviors.

You need to pick different colors in Mac and Windows, as rendition differs.

OK thanks Michel. I will check that out.
Merci Beaucoup.

Related or I can open new question…

Is there a way to color the main windows MenuBar? I hate the ugly gray… rather use silver to match the rest of the window.