Windows Audio - Various questions


long time since I’ve been here.

I want to build a windows exclusive audio mixer application and I am evaluating options for the language / tool to use. I wonder if Xojo is able to

  • create and provide windows virtual audio input devices to which Sound can be send via windows sound settings and also make such a virtual audio device the default audio device of windows?

  • create virtual windows audio output devices, that can be used as an input in other application (e.g. create an output device “Xojo Mic” that can be used as input in e.g. Discord)

  • route audio streams between these devices and send the stream from one input device to multiple output devices

  • use and apply VST on channels*

Thanks and best greetings

I think MonkeyBread has a class for this - WindowsAudioMixerMBS or something like that. Pretty complicated and you may have to rely on MSFT docs.

Also check out NirSoft, you can run all their stuff from a shell.


Out of the box, none of your requirements.

Maybe with some third party plugins as Julia suggested or maybe coding the low level part yourself using the OS API wit declares :sweat_smile: