Windows app install

I recently purchased Xojo for Mac and Windows. My Mac build of my app is one file. The Windows build is two folders with the following files:

Chordette Libs
Appearance Pak.dll
Chordette Resources

I’m not a Windows user and have no idea how to install these, or where they are installed on Windows.

The equivalent of the /applications folder in Windows is the C:\Program Files(x86) folder. So in theory, if you copy the Chordette folder inside, double clicking on Chordette.exe will be enough. But Windows users expect an installer.

You may want to read

At any rate, I suggest you get a minimum of familiarity with Windows using a VM before you venture into distributing software for it.

You can get VirtualBox for free at, and free test Windows VM at

Let alone running the Windows version to see if it looks good is IMHO a minimum.

Also, you want to read WindowsUniversalRuntime.pdf, in the documentation folder within the Xojo folder.

Thanks Michael,
I have no intention of distributing my app without testing. The problem is there are so many different versions of Windows. Your links and advice are greatly appreciated. My app is a recode of a 9 year old app created with Revolution Studio (now LiveCode).

No, it’s not. It’s a bundle that the finder presents as a single file, but it’s many files in a folder tree.

In practice, you can limit yourself to Windows 7 and Windows 10, which are in this order the most frequent.

Funny to see Windows 8, which I skipped right from the beginning, seems to be not in charge anymore.

Windows 2012 R2 seems to be the server clone for 8.1, so if you plan on selling into the terminal server environment for that you need to support 8.1. 2k12 & 8.0 are also synonymous, so you might want to support that too.

I have clients using both of these & am looking forward to 2016 which will undoubtedly be the 10 clone. Of my clients I now have 70% using Remote Desktop clients for normal line of business activities.

So in practice use the versions of Windows where your target clients live, not where you expect them to be, and forget demographics as for some reason they tend to ignore the fact of the corporate market.

I went painfully up to 16 or 17% of adoption rate (8 a,d 8.1 combined), until Windows 10 came to replace it.

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