Windows APIs to Xojo data type conversion for APIs


I’ve just put this up on my blog for my own reference to assist me when tinkering with Windows APIs.

There’s a very handy search on there that should narrow things down a bit to help you find what you’re looking for.

Any gaps will be filled in over time, they are mainly pointers to structural definitions.

Please post on this thread if you see something wrong, I’ll keep it up to date and correct.

Great job. Thank you Julian :slight_smile:

Thanks, extremely useful.

I’m glad you like it guys, it’s taken a while to put together but I have already used it to find and fix a few of my api problems already.

I did a bit of housekeeping on it, updated a few things. It’s 99% complete now and should be a good reference for most calls.

Thanks! Very cool!

Nice. Thank you for sharing!

Just updated the list a little, mainly changing any reference to Short to Int16. Sorry Short, we’ll miss you.

After talking with Eugene, I have clarified a few pieces of information on the list and filled in the last few blanks.

Corrected references to:


Forcing them to a Xojo Boolean was an oversight, there could be an edge case where these need to be Int32 or UInt8.