Windows Alternatives to PAW for REST API

Hello all,

Unfortunately, I do not have a Mac PC, I have Windows 10. Is there a product that is similar to PAW, that has the Xojo extensions etc?

Suggestions would be appreciated!

A quick web search reveals several alternatives:

I use


Has Xojo created the extensions for any of those? Or only Paws?


Because Postman is hosted on the web…can it actually reach and internal (especially a local) service being developed on your local system? Perhaps if it’s running in your browser it can? I use SOAPUI which installs locally and is similar to PAW – (uglier…but similar)

I‘m using postman on desktop, not the web „experience“

I thought I should also mention that the guys at Paw announced this a while ago:

Paw for the Web, Windows, and Linux is available today in beta. All your existing projects on Paw Cloud will work! While this is a beta with some features still missing compared to what the native macOS app has to offer, we’re aiming to release a fully-featured version during the first half of 2021.

For the full story…

Seems they’re targeting early 2021!