Windows Alternative to Base

I use on macOS as a SQLite browser. What is the best product like this for Windows?

I really like SQLiteManager, it’s cross platform, written in Xojo (so it can handle encrypted databases), looks great, and works well with my workflow.

It is not free, but in my opinion the best written-in-Xojo SQLite manager of the available options.

I use Navicat which I really like, but it is not free. I know there are two others that were written by Xojo users. They came out after I purchased Navicat. Check with Dave S. on the forums here:

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@Tim Parnell

I also like that SQLiteManager can connect to cubeSQL server also

Not sure if it’s still available, but there’s a free plugin for FireFox called SQLiteManager that lets you open and do the standard things with SQLite databases.

Also DB Browser for SQLite Mac/Win and Portable
Free :smiley:
DB Browser

This is what I was using and it worked well. Unfortunately the latest version of Firefox, which is forced, said that plugin was no longer compatible. It rendered that product dead. Not sure if it’s been updated but this is why I moved to Navicat.

Free (or donate), powerful, open source, xplat, extensible with plug-ins:

GitHub wiki:

Ready to run:

thanks guys…

I too used that, then I wrote my own.

I use it to check if my TABLE(s) and stored data are what I meant they are… I also added some features to add default data in defined cases (dedicated applications).

yes I confirm it’s really nice to make your own sql editor.
then you can add anything you want ( and need) inside.
xojo is really good for this.

Mine is not so … advanced *, but creating it had a (standard) side effect: I learned a bit more than the minimum knowledge to create/use a DB into a project. Delete (DROP), Modify (UPDATE), Create (CREATE) TABLE(s), etc.

Also, time allowed to create manuals have dropped lately (and so, usually, the quality of the documentation, the examples…).

  • I stopped to add features once I get those I need (of course).

And adding unusual features is best outside the client application (IMHO), above all, when the said client is good at using the software, bad in “hands in oil” / Advanced features.