Windows 98.css

I recently stumbled across this project

It’s a CSS stylesheet that implements the controls from the Windows 98 UI. It’s pretty cool:

<div class="window" style="width: 250px">
      <div class="title-bar">
        <div class="title-bar-text">
          My First VB4 Program

        <div class="title-bar-controls">
          <button aria-label="Minimize"></button>
          <button aria-label="Maximize"></button>
          <button aria-label="Close"></button>
      <div class="window-body">
        <p>Hello, world!</p>
        <section class="field-row" style="justify-content: flex-end">

I thought for half a second about implementing it for Xojo Web, but I’m not sure the semantics work out :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Fixed image with mirror

HA !

:wink: reminds me to the first iOS Web Apps long time before Apple released its APIs.
Quite the same with static CSS/JS files imitating the iOS Look & Feel…