Windows 8/10 ARM32

Hi, does Xojo creates .exe’s that run on Windows ARM32?

I know Xojo is cross platform covering Linux, Windows, Mac, etc, but I’ve been unable to find specifics on windows binaries, if such are universal and would run on any CPU (x86/x64/ARM32/ARM64).

I wrote several apps on what it used to be Real Basic (the past of Xojo) and I really enjoyed the flexibility of one cod targeting diff platforms, but it’s been a while, Windows ARM didn’t even exist.

Microsoft launched Windows RT (8/8.1) years ago, and some users are running Windows 10 for ARM (32 bits) on their upgraded devices. Microsoft jumped too fast to ARM64 and that’s why very few languages allow creating full ARM32 binaries/executables apps.

I will appreciate any help with this. The app I want to build would include the browser component (web). Thanks in advance.

No native. Only x86 emulation.

See feedback case 62672: add support for building windows arm

Thanks Christian, found the thread here Support windows for ARM target, I’m confused on how it works (the case # as it’s a dead link). But thanks, I will keep an eye on this.

You have to install Feedback app to have the link work or enter the number there.

Thanks gain.

I signed onto this since after Apple’s stunt then MS is trying to make their own ARM variant chip and same news has also come from Google.

No matter if those two succeed or not then world is clearly heading here, and it is better to be on the boat early and have products to sell before everyone else has them.