Windows 7 Program Folder issue

I have an app that works in the IDE, and also if the executable is placed in any folder other than the Program Folder.
When run from the Program Folder, two of my Timers don’t fire.
It also works fine on XP and Mac

Are you attempting to write to the current folder?

I do attempt to write a file with the Com Port #. It gets past that though. I know I have to move that file to a different folder.
This is a robotics application. It uses a complicated procedure to talk to the hardware so I think that may be causing a problem, but I don’t see how yet.

Wayne, The problem IS with trying to write the file! It was generating an error that I wasn’t handling and going merrily on its way without finishing the rest of the routine which set up the timers.

Dan, I’m glad to have been able to point you in the right direction.

The problem of course is that MS are now catching up with the security paradigm of Novel/Unix from the 1970’s and they’re going overboard in some areas. Not that writing to the program location is overboard.