Windows 10

Can the latest version of Xojo create Windows 10 universal app?



No. Xojo creates Win32 apps.

but XOJO will still create 32bit apps that run on Win10?
or are there going to have to be band-aids involved…

IE… if I upgrade my Win7 machine running XOJO to WIN 10, I can keep moving forward just with 32bit results

Xojo apps will run just fine on Windows 10. A number of us have put it through the ringer.

FWIW- Windows 10 really feels like Windows 8.2 with a few extra bells and whistles.

[quote=199596:@Dave S]but XOJO will still create 32bit apps that run on Win10?
or are there going to have to be band-aids involved…

IE… if I upgrade my Win7 machine running XOJO to WIN 10, I can keep moving forward just with 32bit results[/quote]

I have been running Xojo and building apps under Windows 10 for several months. It is highly compatible. No problem whatsoever.

Looking forward to be able to have Xojo apps execute in the bridge program. No news from the insider program on this topic yet, though.

I know you can run Xojo win32 apps on Windows 10, but universal Windows 10 apps run on Windows 10 phone, a Windows 10 desktop, or Xbox with the same code base.

And that was answered in the first two replies. The replies after Dave’s post were answering his question.

It will be some time if ever before Xojo could generate Universal Windows Platform apps. It just isn’t a priority that they are communicating at this time. Look at how long iOS took after Xojo had announced they were going to do it. I just don’t see this happening. If this is a must then for those applications you will have to use a tool that provides this functionality. I use 5 programming languages in 3 programming environments on a regular basis. Xojo is my go to when I can use it but I don’t limit myself.

Universal apps use the new API, which has been in use for Windows Store apps since Windows 8. I have developed half a dozen apps in VB. NET that way. Not completely out of this world, still kinda good ol VB, but a PITA for certain things like printing and graphics. On the other hand, I do 20 times less sales for the same titles in the Windows Store as in the MAS. I rather spend time developing for Mac at that point.

Such apps were already extremely easy to develop for both desktop and phone, given some precautions. Adding XBox is a nice plot. Pass the logic, though, developing an app for such different screen sizes looks a bit unreasonable.

I also wonder about the market. By its own admission, Microsoft does not expect more than 14% of the global OS market, way behind Android, and not even half iOS. I will be charitable with Windows Phone. One should not shoot and ambulance. As for XBox, unless you plan to develop games, what’s in for serious computing ?

I do plan to put my Xojo apps in the Windows Store when the bridge program will allow it, because most of the development is already done for Mac. I do not see myself suffering with the new API again for a framework that has failed so dismally, Microsoft is now forced to do what is needed to accept desktop programs.

what is this “bridge” you refer to?

The Bridge I refer to is the Centennial Bridge, which will allow Win32 apps to be distributed in the Windows Store, just like new API apps today.

About New API Universal Apps, a small detail sometimes overlooked is that they are available only through the Windows Store, which for Desktop means Windows 8 and on.

In the present state of versions adoption, Windows 8 + Windows 8.1 represent only 16.45%, when Windows 7 is 57.76% according to Net Applications. So just imagine the poor Windows Store sitting on a foldable chair, while every previous version remains the norm. And that includes the 14.6% for XP !

With Xojo, one covers the whole spectrum.

Windows 10 gambit is that a majority of Windows 7 owners will take up the free upgrade. We shall see…

not sure where those numbers came from, but last stats I saw showed OSX (not just 10.10) at 12.7%

Sorry I forgot to link :

Statistics should always be taken with a grain of salt. My point was that the Windows market is still massively Windows 7/Desktop, while some turkeys put all their eggs in the Windows Store catastrophe. New API and Windows 10 included. I frankly doubt very much Windows 10 will make a racing horse out of a dead duck.

They already realized how stupid it was to shunt the huge amount of desktop apps from the Windows Store. Hopefully the Centennial Bridge will correct that. It will not change the fact that they miss more than 50% of their own market out of sheer stupidity. It is as if the MAS was available only for Yosemite… And yet, Mac adoption rates are far faster than Windows…

Still in the same vein, I knew Windows Phone was not exactly the most popular, but it is definitely not a winner.

IDC reports a market share of 2.7% versus 18.3% for iOS and 78% for Android.

Unless I got a customer who specifically requests it, why should I bother with Windows Phone and mess with New API ?

From the MS Dev letters:

Classic Windows apps
”Project Centennial” will make it possible to package and publish your current .NET and Win32-based Windows applications to the Windows Store, providing a new way of distributing and monetizing your application on Windows PCs.

In addition to packaging your application for Store distribution, ”Project Centennial” will also enable you to take advantage of Universal Windows Platform capabilities and APIs.

More information about ”Project Centennial” will be made available in Summer 2015.