Windows 10 which dont support PNG.. red herring

I have a small number couple of potential customers (and some lost ones) where my Windows app doesnt seem to be able to open PNG files I ship with the app.
Is there a known set of Windows where PNG is not supported for .openaspicture ?

I suppose Windows 7 - Windows 10 (so not Windows XP, as I think it may not understand png).

Windows 10 64bit

Beside corrupted OS or Memory Low, I do not saw what it can be.

One more: they are not png, but have that extension. I saw images (comic strips) with wrong extension (after checking the file magic value).

if it is only one png then try resave with a paint app of your choice.

I just realized… You mean thePict = Picture.Open(f), I suppose.

Well in many corporate networks Windows instalation are locked down due privacy and security concerns. IMHO Win10 aswell macOS are not operating systems anymore but data collecting platforms, but this is another topic). Here you find the most used BSI lock-down paper for IT Techs and Admins.

Maybe the system in question is not corrupted but possible locked down. In most cases the app “Photos” is just not referenced as default for .PNG file extensions, is missing or just made not executable via SRP/SAFER policies in AD enviroments.

That’s an interesting one, do you include the runtime dlls along side your app (under advanced build)?

I have resolved the issue somehow by changing the order that some of my code executes, and perhaps by making use of ApplicationData instead of specialfolder.temporary
hard to pinpoint the exact thing that solved the problem, affecting less than 1% of my customers.

It seems events at startup happen in different orders on different builds of windows.
And that on some machines, specialfolder.temporary is not a safe place to try saving files.

But I am unable to change who can view this post, and I have nothing to tick as an ‘answer’ per se.

I have an app that, in Windows 7, will not show certain PNG images properly unless I stop things in the debugger, view the contents of the picture, and then resume. And it only does this sporadically.
Yet these images all show in every tool I can find with alpha channels that properly mask things out and are transparent.
The exact same images show properly on macOS and more often than not also show properly on Windows 10.

I’ve not found a 100% “fix” to this oddity