Windows 10 Icons

I want to create these kind of Windows 10 Icons (mostly the top line, but the second line too are nice / can be nice).

Ideas ?

These are for inclusion in multimedia projects.

Do you want to recreate or you want the Icons?
If you want i have the full Pack with .ico…

Hi Loannis,

thank you for the offer.

I want to be able to make my custom icons using this kind of results. Either WIndows 8.1 and 10 provide these, but do not create this kind of icons.

In some parts, the Explorer is far, far away behind the Finder. The way to present a directory contents is far from clear even if I saw in someone’s Windows something that looks like the way I can display these on an OS X folder… Not alphabeticalized, not one near the others (I can skip one or many icon(s) places in the Folder display), etc.

Of course, I am asking too much for this free update (WIndows 10).

Using Preview (on OS X), I tried to create my own using the Video icon (above), but without a read Vectorial software, it is not easy to do that (or I may write somthing that do that for me using Xojo…)

Something like a Canvas that holds the Empty Directory icon, another to receive what will be resized and placed at the Directory right, etc. and a Save (or Export) button that will save the Custom icon at the size I want them (I already do that years ago for OS X, but in this case, using Preview is so fast ! for most of the cases)

For icons Most i use this Art text
For Easy vector software and user friendly with export for retina display and pixel perfect i use this Affinity Designer

Logoist is also nice ( Usually I buy my icons from Dryicons (

This is what Windows 8.1 does:

Comparing that to the icons at the top… what a difference !

And what I have on OS X:

These are comics, but they can be (and I have) XDeveloper covers or books, CD covers, whatever you may think of including photos from your familly (from great parents or older to the latest born baby)…

BTW: this is an OS X screen shot. The image on the top left of the open folder is an OS X feature.

Here is a project that allow the creation (and save) of the Windows 10 Icons like the first line in the first screen shot at the beg of this page.

Note: if the image is landscape, the project will not place the small icon (not the directory icon) correctly. Also, the drag and drop under OS X does not disallow drop for wrong file type…

I placed in the archive file some comics magasine scans, two xDev scans, etc.


BTW: feel free to post any modification you’ve done; / advices, etc.

At last: in App, I placed a note you may want to read.

Looks very nice Emile!

I like this Emile.
Have been testing on a PC running Windows 10. Drag and drop works as expected but Use GDI+ has to be enabled.

The vertical position bug in the PB.Preview.Action code is due to the y position being set at 88 and not allowing for the height of the sticker image.
Change the line:-
PreviewPict.Graphics.DrawPicture cSticker.Backdrop, 114,(88), cSticker.Width,cSticker.Height
to read:-
PreviewPict.Graphics.DrawPicture cSticker.Backdrop, 114,(238-cSticker.Height), cSticker.Width,cSticker.Height

This will still draw the image in the wrong place though as the height is the cSticker canvas height not the sticker image height but is always 150.

Change the Resize_Me method to the code below.

The Resized_Pict object is dimensioned after the image size has been calculated and then the cSticker canvas is resized to match.

Hope this helps

[code] // ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** **********
// Method: Resize_Me
// Inputs: StickerPict
// Outputs: Picture
// Syntax: MyPicture = Resize_Me(StickerPict)
// 2016-03-23 22:00, Emile Schwarz []
// ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** **********
'Dim Resized_Pict As New Picture(135,150)////moved down to line 50
Dim PortraitBool As Boolean
Dim LandscapeBool As Boolean
Dim Scale_Value As Double
Dim Sticker_Width As Integer
Dim Sticker_Height As Integer
Dim kTall As Integer = 150 // Max Height Value
Dim kWide As Integer = 135 // Max Width Value

// Get the original Picture size
Sticker_Width = StickerPict.Width
Sticker_Height = StickerPict.Height

// Set the boolean
If Sticker_Width > Sticker_Height Then
// This is a Landscape image
LandscapeBool = True

// This is a Portrait image
PortraitBool = True
End If

// Compute the image Scale Value
If LandscapeBool Then
Scale_Value = Max(Sticker_Width / kWide, Sticker_Height / kTall) // Is there’s a bug here ?
// End If
// If PortraitBool Then
Scale_Value = Max(Sticker_Height / kTall, Sticker_Width / kWide) // Is there’s a bug here ?
End If

// Syntax:
// Graphics.DrawPicture ( Image as Picture, X as Integer, Y as Integer [,DestWidth as Integer ] [, DestHeight as Integer ]
// [, SourceX as Integer ] [, SourceY as Integer ] [, SourceWidth as Integer ] [, SourceHeight as Integer] )

//Set Resized_Pict dimensions to match resized image
Dim Resized_Pict As New Picture(Sticker_Width /Scale_Value, Sticker_Height /Scale_Value)

// Resize cSticker to same size as Resized_Pict
//cSticker backdrop is used in PB_Preview.Action and is always 150x150 and not the Resized_Pict dimensions if cSticker is not resized.

// Resize the image
Resized_Pict.Graphics.DrawPicture StickerPict,0,0, Sticker_Width /Scale_Value, Sticker_Height /Scale_Value, 0,0, Sticker_Width,Sticker_Height

// Return the resized image
Return Resized_Pict[/code]

Thank you Geoff.

I am sick and so thinking is a bit hard. I will read later correctly your answer.

GDI+: I always forgot :frowning:

Changes done: works fine now.

I roted a cover to set it to the Landscape format (instead of the use of a logo file): the result is good too.

I set GDI+ too and I added in cSticker.DropObject, before the report line:

If StickertPict.Width > StickertPict.Height Then Landscape = True // *

and removed the wong character (a R instead of a T: Rhe instead of The !!! );

At last, I removed part of the report text lines (text after Landscape/ Portrait: useless now).

  • That’s me: I put all code… excepted the one that set the Boolean !

The most important thing is that I can now create custom Icon files for Folders on Windows 10.

I just haveto check how nice it can be… running in a Windows 10 laptop !

“Isn’t she lovely ?
Isn’t she wonderful ?”

Stevie Wonder Lyrics of this song about his daughter.

For some (unknow ? forgotten ?) reason, I generated it earlier, found it nice and wanted to share it here!

Enjoy !

New version and new questions…

I modified the project “Create Windows 10 Icons.xojo_binary_project” to better fit my needs.

Most of all, I was not happy, but really not happy with the placement of teh Portraits stickers. Since this is my 10 consecutive day of sickness, I had time to think / wrote ideas before I lost them.

So, now the project align vertically the sticker if it is of kind Landscape.

I also changed bit and pieces here and there notably:

a way to display / hide a Focus Ring around the cTarget Canvas,
if cTarget.Backdrop is not nil and two properties are True (cTarget.AcceptFocus And cTarget.UseFocusRing),
the EditCopy MenuItem is able to copy the icon in the Clipboard.

To display / Hide the FocusRing, just click in the Preview Canvas once, then another to toogle, then…

But I have two questions:

As you can see in the screenshot above, the status text is NOT selected, but the same code does not produce (here) the same result. Any idea to unhighlight the text ?

In the same screenshot above, you can see in the Sticker Canvas parasite lines that comes from the previous drag and drop / Open. I let the previous Preview so you know how to produce (eventually) by yourself the parasite lines in the Sticker Canvas.

Of course, the question(s) are not vitals (in fact, the answers are not…) since this is a simple utility project and these are just UI glitches.

The link to the new project (with imges / offending images) is here .

I nearly forgot !

I have cases of the resize image done for the Sticker Canvas is… awful. Nearly all offending files have alpha channel. I started to look at that after I cleared white in an old image file (saved as png).
The original file type is png, but can be jpg. All files I generated today share the same trouble. (I used GIMP and Preview, lately, see the examples with the project).

Yes, I recall a discussion in the forum 'bout that.

The project is missing Volume.png and Directory.png

I forget them, sorry. The previous one have them.

I wil upload a brand new archive with them.

Latest Project

Thank you Marco for pointing this to my attention.

Looks good Emile!
Very nice!

Thanks Marco. BTW: are-you using it on Windows ?