Windows 10 Creators edition

I’m tempted to have another try at the bundling of win32 apps for the app store, using the converter app by Micorosoft
I had many many failed attempts last year.
Ive started a new PC , installed Windows 10 Home, then waited several hours for more an more updates to download an install themselves.
Currently the machine reports Windows 10 Home, build 1709

Creator edition is also described as build 1709… does this mean I now have the right edition to start trying to get the Bridge application working?

Does it not require Pro or Enterprise?

Indeed. Apps will execute on Home, but the DAC requires Pro or Enterprise, and I am not sure, but I kind of recall 64 bit is required. It is now old, so I am not sure.

Still no further forward, then.

Pro and Enterprise are way too expensive to buy just ‘to see if it works’

If you install Pro and skip the key business, it will run for 30 days AFAIK. Or, if you have access to someone with an MSDN subscription, or Action Pack and associated MSDN, you could use a key for temporary evaluation purposes.

You may also be able to download VMs from Modern.IE just for testing this.