Windows 10 (64Bit): Permanent HelpTag Bubbles

Since a few days i have to use my App on Windows 10 (64Bits). Only on this specific Plattform me and my Collegues are seeing Help Bubbles (made by Xojo Objects (PushButtons, ListBoxes, …) Help Tags) which do not disappear anymore. Only an App restart “fixes” this behaviour. Has anybody else seen this?

I see it as well. Pretty annoying.
Completely unrelated metric to this: Word 2016 (32-bit) has also started to do this for me lately, especially when pasting text and the small “clipboard ctrl” menu hangs around for ever.

Battery saving mode - not sending MouseExit events? :slight_smile:

Thank you Michel; but ToolTips are not x-platt and my App is used on El Cap, Sierra and on all Windows Versions starting with Windows 7. :slight_smile:

What is said at is only that they do not appear under 64 bit OS X. The topic of this thread is Windows 10, right ?

Given the fact that Windows native help/tooltip bubbles are quite different, I have been using my own canvas based solution. Really, it is not that difficult to use target conditionals anyway.

Would you say i should step away from Help Tags on Windows and move to ToolTips and something different for OS X/macOS?
Or maybe i just create my own solution based on ToolTips for Windows and Help Tags for OS X?

Yes, I believe the only way to work around the helptag bug under Windows 10 is to use ToolTips, or, better, to use a canvas based solution that emulates the native Windows 10 tooltips (see the other thread for comparison).

You can also very well use tooltips on both Mac and Windows, if you do not compile for Mac 64.

The advantage of the canvas-based solution is that it will also work in Mac 64 bit.

Thank you @Mattias Sandström and @Michel Bujardet :slight_smile: