WindowRestore can't have as menuitem?

Sorry for the screwy title but:
I added to a Window Menu the menuitem Restore which causes the name to be “WindowRestore”.
When I put in WindowRestore.Enabled I get

It also doesn’t do autocomplete even though the window has that menu handler. It would autocomplete that.


Note: I do have a subclassed WindowMenuItem which should be different than the WindowMenu

The only time you can change a menu item’s enabled state is in the EnableMenuItems event. I don’t recall where in the docs that bit lives.

Tim Thank you for answering on a Saturday Night.
Sorry. That is in EnableMenuItems. That is where I got the “Can’t Call” error. That also is where AutoComplete is not handled.

My other problem is, if that WindowRestore can exist as a menuitem, the Example for a dynamic window menu doesn’t have included any other item like WindowRestore or WindowNext. I think I can figure that how to code for that, but if you can that would complete this question.
The example I am hoping to use is the Recent Items menuitem Clear, because it can exist in the RecentItems submenu but WindowRestore cannot exist next to another WindowMenuItem. This is XOJO examples don’t include how to include in dynamic menu a pre-existing menuitem.