Window with Scroll Bar?

I would like to set up a window on a desktop app that scrolls like a web page. where there are controls placed below the visible area of the window but can be scrolled up.

I believe you can do that by placing your controls on a canvas and use the canvas.scroll method

Thanks Wayne

Alternatively (and how I prefer to do it) you can use a ContainerControl and have the scrollbar affect the ContainerControl's Top property.

I actually embedded an “inner” ContainerControl inside an “outer” ContainerControl.
In the outer one I added the scrollbar and mouse wheel events to help scrolling.
In the inner container I placed all the controls I wanted to be scrolled
The inner container is locked only on the top, left and right side of the outer container. The outer container can be locked to all sides of the containing window.
With some minor math I can simply change the minimum and maximum scroll values, based on the height of the inner container in relation to the outer container, just in case a resize window event changes the visible area.
When the inner container is smaller than the outer one, I hide the scrollbar, and optionally resize the width of the inner container.

The advantage is that the outer container can be placed anywhere, to make a smaller scroll-able area that can be placed anywhere on a window.