Window shows up after Listbox is filled?


i wonder why all of my windows become first visible after the included listbox is filled with data from a recordset that comes from a mysql- or sqlite-database.

What is the reason behind this? I think its my fault and i didn’t have placed the call of my select-method at the right place. Now the method which selects the database-records is placed in the open-event of the windows.

Is there a better way to do this? I want to see my windows before the data is populated to the listbox.

Any way to do this?


It’s because the code in the window’s open event runs before the window is shown. You could add a single mode timer to the window which will run the DB code and the window will show before the listbox is populated.

how much information are you loading into the listbox Michel?

This can be done by a simple timer? No extra thread needed?


@Richard Duke: It’s not that much, but i want the window to display immediately.

@Jason King : It works. Fantastic.

Just add a simple timer… can’t belive it.

Thank you.


It’s amazing how many problems a single-shot, short-period timer solves.