I know this has a simple solution but is driving me nuts…

//do processing


Window3 shows on screen but the contents do not appear.

Text in window to tell user that the process is working and the window will close when completed.

Tried a progress wheel but could never get it to show on screen.


Try putting a MsgBox before window3.close


The user would have to interact with the msgbox() so not sure what you mean.
I just want them to know that the program is working.


Put your “do processing” in a thread, show the window, start the thread then close the window when the thread is complete.

When a thread runs, every time it hits a loop boundary there is a possibility for the framework to yield time back to the UI.

As is it is right now you’re not allowing the UI time to update so you see the spinner of doom and nothing updates.

See FIle>New Project>Examples>Desktop>UpdatingUIFromThread for examples of how to implement this.

Thank You Julian…

Although I have never used or understood threads it seems to work for me.

Will keep studying the psample project to see if I can use it in other ways.