not working on linux but does on Windows

I haven’t had this issue with other apps, but his one app in particular is acting strange. It works great on the Mac, but not Linux.

The app starts out with a window that has a movie player control. Once it plays the movie, I use the stop event for the movie player with code to hide the startup window and show the main window. What happens in Linux, is that it just sits there as if the stop event never fired. The documentation says the stop even occurs when the movie is about to stop playing. Again, this works fine on Mac OS. I’ve tried several different things to show the main main window and hide the startup and it just isn’t working on linux.

Am I missing something Here?

Perhaps you could put a breakpoint in the Stop event, to see if it is even firing.

You said you “hide” the startup window, rather than close it. But a possible workaround would be to close the startup window, then show the main window in the former’s Close event.

I will check all this out. I’m building on a Mac and it works there and on Windows, though it’s acting a bit weird in Windows too. No issues on the Mac.

Well I just put a MessageBox line in the Stop Event and sure enough it’s not firing on Linux, but does on Windows and Mac. Since I want this to work on all 3 OSs, I may need to find an alternative way to accomplish what I’m trying to do. This is the first time I’ve had this type of issue with XoJo, it seems quite strange.

Make a small sample of the problem and open a bug report.

I’ll do that once I’m done troubleshooting. I was able to work around this using a timer, not an ideal solution, but it does work for this situation. Now that I got around that, something in the close event is firing twice and once again, only in linux, not my Mac. Very strange. I may have more than one thing to report.

When something is fundamentally broken needing 1 fix, trying to create workarounds may create 2 things to fix and may introduce new problems and spreading unnecessary complexity needing a later larger and complex refactoring.

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Understood. I’ve contacted XoJo for support. Based on what I’ve heard others say, bug fixes don’t always come fast, so I’m not going to wait around for long. It will be interesting to see what they have to say. This may very will be something with the Movieplayer as I’ve not had this issue with any of my other projects.

For what it’s worth, you don’t have to build your app each time. Try the Remote Debugger Stub to connect your Mac IDE to your Linux computer, so that you can debug your app remotely.


Thanks, I’ll check this out.

I just downloaded and installed R3 with API 2.0 after seeing the email from XoJo this morning. I converted my project to it, rebuilt it and the Stop event is now working as it should on MacOS, Linux and Windows. I also got a message that the Bug Report I filed a few days back has been confirmed, verified, fixed and delivered. I’m not sure if it got fixed from my reporting of it, but at least it’s fixed. :slight_smile: