Window Name Reverts to Window1

Start a new project
chose dektop
the window name textbox (in ID section) has the focus to start with
change the Name to “winMain”
resize window or toggle some switches and the name reverts back to “Window1”

Nothing I can do stops it going back to “Window1” - even multiple times

Multiple machines all windows 8 64bit

I will make a movie to show whats going on.

Feedback 27103

Hit enter after the name change works for me :slight_smile:

That happens universally with name entry and should be fixed in an future release. Like Albin said you must hit enter or return to make the name change stick.

Yep thats it, however I still consider this a bug as losing the focus should “set” the property.

It actually stays active until you change another 2-3 properties.

Ahh just read your fixed in future comment Peter, thanks :slight_smile:

Does anyone have a feedback report number for this?

D’oh. I saw Chris’ entry.

This is also true for Parameters and Return Type fields too. Hitting tab is your friend.

theres a bunch of reports that are all like this about various properties (name width height etc)
they’re actually all the exact same cause I just haven’t merged them all together