Window Invalidate in Older Versions of XO and RB

Hi, all!

I have a few old projects and I’d like to update them to more current ones; at least to Xojo 2019. I keep seeing in the documentation Window.Invalidate. I understand what it means, but I don’t quite remember what its predecessor in REALbasic 2012 was.

Was there one and if so, what was it?

Many thanks, all!

Check the docs: . There is no mention of a change.


Also, .backdrop=NameOfPict somewhere in the project, which now needs to be inside the graphics object’s Paint method, called by .invalidate

My problem is that I don’t see Window.Invalidate in the documentation for RB 5.5 and other versions through RB (RS) 2012. I see Invalidate in other classes but not the Window class.

I just want to update the old stuff to XO 2019 before I undertake the monumental effort to transform everything into API 2.Current. Before I do so, I’d like to know when Window.Invalidate was introduced, and I don’t see it.

Thanks to everyone for tis response(s).

The doc page was last edited in 2014, so it’s at least that old. My guess would be that it was introduced in the transition to Xojo in 2013.

Thank you, Tim Hare. Thanks what I was looking for, a date when it was introduced.