Window ghosted

BS continues to delight me. Has anyone seen a window where only the shadow remained?

In “Picture going missing” (Picture going missing) the NOE happened when showing the about window. After a NOE my app can send me an email. Here is how it looks like in Light Mode (with a simulated NOE):

And here is Dark Mode:

I see this in the debugger and in the built app. Window is gone. Menus are gone, too. Thanks the gods I only get this for the about window. At least a second test did not show such weird behaviour:

Xojo 2020r2.1, M1, BS

I was wrong, I can do the same effect in LightMode, too:

Have you rebooted today yet?

Good idea. Need to work up the courage to do 11.2 but I’m not there, yet.

Issue is still there after rebooting with 11.2. :frowning_face:

Beatrix, how did you get this, just by opening/closing a window? What type of window? Is it shown modal?

Not sure if this falls under giant stupidity or just the very odd. I was able to reproduce the issue in a small example:

Select imap.debug -> About from the menu. There is a canvas that makes a NOE on purpose. This calls my global exception handler. Which shows a window allowing the app to send me an email.

On High Sierra the app simply crashes hard, on Mojave nothing at all is shown, on BS I get the ghost window. I’ve tried another sheet with a similar NOE and get both the sheet and the error report window.

to your test project:

it seems to work ok

  • the header object displays nothing, so it stays empty

  • I added a label too the about window and hat displays

@Johann_Kienbrandt: thanks for testing. I know that the problem is easy to fix. But - as is- what should happen when you open the About window?

if it works in your test app than it must be in your original app … the way you are displaying ??? … all hidden ??? I know it’s stupid … what else can I think off … I’m sure you have debugged every statement … nothing strange ???

The underlying bug is easy to fix. But is the effect I’m seeing normal? What do you get when you open the About window? This is what I get on BS:

On Mojave I don’t get any window at all.

I wonder…

Nope, got that covered since you mentioned it:

'make app crash on exception
Call DoShellCommand("/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c ““Add :NSApplicationCrashOnExceptions bool YES”” " + CurrentBuildLocation + “/” + appNameForShell)
if theResult <> “” then print theResult

I am not sure that is correct, it needs to be written to the Applications preferences.

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