Window.FullScreenButton in the Help

While debugging, I saw FullScreenButton in the list of window properties.

Curious, I activated the new Help, typed “Window.FullScreenButton” and get nothing. I remove letters from the end and get two entries when i was at “Window.Full”.

BTW: what looks the FullScreenButton button ? I activated it, run the project (41KB) and saw nothing changed in my small window. Oh ! I quit Xojo, clear its cache folder contents, reload Xojo, run the project and still saw nothing.

Just curious.

It only affects OS X and the only change (on 10.10 and above) is in the green maximize button. It goes from a + when you hover over it to a full screen widget.

On 10.9 and I think 10.8 there’s a full screen widget in the upper right corner of the title bar.