Window (API2) equivalent to TrueWindow (API1)?

I am attempting to convert my project over to use the new API 2 DesktopUIControls, and like everyone else, have been running into multiple issues. One that I haven’t figured out yet is the equivalent for TrueWindow. I want to get the Top and Left of the TrueWindow of a control, so that I can centre a new window over it. I found this post, which is quite enlightening:

From my interpretation of the code, it looks like DesktopUIControl.Window is the equivalent of the API1 RectControl.TrueWindow, is that correct? As opposed to the API1 RectControl.Window, which gave you the parent ContainerControl if the rectcontrol was nested.

From the LR:


From Xojo Documentation

Read-Only Property (As Window )

WindowValue = aDesktopControl.Window

New in 2021r3
The control’s parent window.

If someone is able to clarify, that would be much appreciated!

These are the same.

Great, thanks for confirming that!