Window.alwaysontop disabled when having a HUD child?

I am using a small desktop floating window as a controller – which means I have it set to window.alwaysontop to have it accessible all the time. Together with MacOSLib’s NSWindow.canjaoinallspaces this works as intended.
But when I open a HUD window as a child (setting alwaysontop and canjoin as above), the window loses its floating abilities until I close the child again. Is there some way to keep the window on top even when a HUD is shown?

Did not find a solution for this, but a workaround. So in case someone else should have this problem:

a) add an deactivate event handler to the app
b) in it, add code to close all child windows that are currently visible
c) call the parent window’s bringtofrontregardless method

if c) is not being called, the window will only float once the app is activated again.

… and when you delete step b – just setting an orderfrontregardless to the childwindow in the deactivate event of the app –, there’s no need to close it and parent and child stay visible even when the app is not in the foreground.