Win10 automatically UNZIP a file?

under OSX this will “open and unzip” a ZIP file

f.launch "",True

but under Win10 it does nothing… anyone have a clue how to get Win10 to automatically unzip a file?

If you have Kaju, check it for the Windows unzipping code.

[quote=345531:@Dave S]under OSX this will “open and unzip” a ZIP file

f.launch "",True [/quote]

Maybe; maybe not. What the .Launch method does with a file is load that machine’s default application for the FolderItem’s file type. However, any number of third-party tools may be installed and may have become the default ZIP file handler. So a .Launch may open a program which presents a UI. (It would on my machine.) You also can’t blindly assume Archive (the OSX system utility you are expecting) will necessarily unzip the contents to the same folder as the zip file. While that again is the default behavior, users can modify the preferences in Archive to automatically decompress into a specific folder instead.

Install a decompress utility and register it as the default open handler on that system (which would cause .Launch to call it).

Bottom line is IMHO if you want to control decompression reliably, you should do it yourself instead of relying on system defaults being what you expect.

Personally, I’d use the UnzipMBS class but I already know your reaction to that suggestion.

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