Willy-nilly censorship

I just had the following post deleted:

No it doesn’t. Not for licences bought by long-time supporters during the REALstudio days, as we found out in the now locked thread.


If you have an active licence that you bought after REALstudio became Xojo then the remaining value of your active licence is calculated based on the price as currently stated in the store.

But if you have an active licence that you bought BEFORE REALstudio became Xojo then the remaining value of your active licence is calculated differently:

To quote Travis:

Which confirms what I said from the start: there are two classes of active licences, and they are treated differently.

And thanks for locking the other thread. That is so endearing.[/quote]

I would really like to know what forum rules I broke.

Markus really? All of these public rants for what? What are you really trying to accomplish as your end goal of all this?
If you are that upset at Xojo (which it looks like you are) for your specific thoughts then deal with them privately vs. carrying on in public. That are what PM’s or email is for.

Good luck to you.

Hey, it’s Friday the 13th…

I already got my answer: contrary to assertions by Alyssa and Dana there are indeed two classes of active licences as confirmed by Travis.

So I posted the answer to Karen’s question on the other forum thread as Alyssa had given wrong information to Karen (who had also extended the licence for several years in REALstudio days), and my post was deleted by Alyssa.

THAT’s what my problem is. And I would REALLY like to know why it was deleted. I’m not aware of any rules I broke with posting the correct answer.

The stoppage of the same point being made over and over again ad nauseum is NOT censorship … it’s called “common sense”. You’ve made your point, Markus, and everyone’s heard your opinion. It’s not going to change the “price of rice in China” so how about just moving on and returning to technical contributions from which we all prosper.

You are missing the point that the post was made in another thread in answer to Karen’s question which Alyssa answered wrongly.

I send Karen a PM with the correct answer, but no, I do not let this rest until I get an answer as to why the post was deleted. That is simply unacceptable.

@Don - What is the current price of Chinese rice, by the way?

Willy Nilly was in the year above me at secondary school, I think censoring him was advisable.

I think he knows my sister?

Upgrade or renewal?

What question are you talking about? Is it from some long ago thread? I Renewed before the Xojo transition. My desktop license goes to feb 2020 which should make it’s present worth >$1200… But as I can’t justify Pro renewals financially, I don’t intend to upgrade to Pro to test that.

  • Karen

Grow your own :stuck_out_tongue:
Just costs you your time

Who would upgrade rice???
I prefer mine fresh :slight_smile:

I don’t want to move to China…

I don’t have the slightest yen, Richard ^^

Why both, of course, Eli … the Chinese are non-discriminatory in their pricing policies ^^

I believe Norman has started growing his own rice. Maybe he can export you some.

Yes, and they stole the rice technology from us westerners.

Someone stole a rice making machine???

Careful there, Richard … last time I saw Willy, he had orange hair … scary resemblance to your family tree ^^

Richard, you’re mixing up stuff again, they stole an ice cooker.