Will you "undeprecate" your old apps?

I wrote a fairly simple app last year that lets users login to an AirTable database (if they’re in the database then they can get in). It has about 20 views (now screens in the new API) and some of them use scrollable areas with containers. A couple of the tables use custom cells and a few allow variable height cells. It took me about 50 hours to write this a year ago, including the graphics. So not too crazy complex.

I decided to add a search field to one table using the nifty method in an iOS Declare example included with Xojo. So that would require converting at least 1 table. There’s also the possibility that I could create an Android version of this app in the future. And it would be nice to be thoroughly familiar with the new ways of doing things. So I decided to bite the bullet and convert this entire app to API 2.0 and stamp out every single deprecation warning.

Wow. It turns out I had to convert almost everything in the app, one item at a time, and adjust code where the new item is not just a simple Super name change (ParseJSON I’m looking at you). I probably spent about 30 hours doing all this.

I think it was worth doing for this particular app, but I seriously doubt I will go back and update the other 9 or so apps I have in the Store. They’ll just limp along until they can no longer be updated.

So what’s your plan? Anyone else done this?