Will implementing something like an Xcode SDK ever be possible in IOS?

Because of Apple’s Sandbox access to the filesystem is limited to folders within your app bundle. Teamviewer has come up with a SDK to include in your xcode project. I would love to be able to implement this SDK in my Xojo IOS project. So I could remote control my App and transfer my Sqlite db.

Before I research a company that could implement it, wanted feedback if it would even be doable.


if it presents itself as a dylib, you certainly can access it. Use a CopyFileStep to include the dylib in your project and then write declares to access the methods yourself.

Although Greg’s suggestion works for the debugger, you will not be able to use an external dylib in a Xojo built app. Feedback #47883

Sure it does
File > New Project > macOS > Library (select Dynamic and NOT cocoa - either STL or None)