Will an App created in 2016R3 work with WIN10

I’m thinking it does, but I can’ test myself.

Are there any issues that I should look out for?

Most probably. I have tested Win 10 with apps much, much older than that. Circa 1998.

Thanks Michel. It’s important that I know for sure.

What would be the reasons that it may not run under Win 10?

I have an app created with 2015R1 and it works fine on windows 10.

Rotten declares would certainly do it. Otherwise, if you keep to pure Xojo, I don’t see any reason why it would not run as clockwork.

Of course every release has some minor things. Release 2016R3 in particular I had a problem with a text label not drawing correctly under certain rare circumstances. Text Label Won’t Update

Thank you all. I’m not using any declares, just pure Xojo. This is good news. What it means is “full steam ahead!”

My competitor has similar software, but at the moment, I’ve heard that they are trying to hack it to make it work under Win 10.

Not my problem - my software will be Win7 to 10 compatible (OSX is not required). Also my software will be far superior :slight_smile: if I ever finish it - but getting closer now.


Hi Steve,

I have created a couple of smaller applications with 2016 r3 on Windows 10 and they work well.

Thanks Eugene, much appreciated.