Wikipedia entry should be updated

I was reading up on the Raspberry Pi on Wikipedia and found that there’s no mention of Xojo (yet)

I’m not a Wikipedia editor but it seems a very good idea for Xojo to be mentioned…

Why would Xojo be mentioned? That would just be spam. Not good for Xojo’s reputation.

It could be in the ‘Third party application software’ section, under Julia.

Whoever did put Xojo in there certainly made it sound like spam.

I added the entire “Software Development Tools” section, including other tools. How does the Xojo entry sound like spam?

Ashot and Tim I don’t know what you are talking about sounding like spam… This is great visibility for Xojo and our community.

Windows CE has a development tools section
VxWorks has one
Symbian has one
A bunch of other OS pages do

Some of the other SBC pages on wikipedia list at least something about development tools and toolchains for them
Arduino lists it right in the header as there seems to be a single IDE for it

The wikipedia change doesn’t seem to be much beyond splitting that section of “third party software” into its own segment and adding some entries

I just see it as an update of an outdated Wiki. Nothing else.

Seems pretty straightforward to me. What is spam about that?

And therein lies the issue with a source like wikipedia
One persons “update” is another ones “spam”

Looks good.

Anyone can update wikipedia, so if you see somewhere Xojo should be mentioned please add it! They prefer contributions from individuals rather than the same person posting over and over.

yeah, @Paul Lefebvre that’s exactly what I was thinking about.

Clear and informative.