Why would this work in MacOS and Windows but not Linux?

I set the MoviePlayingStatus elsewhere when it started playing. Not sure why this would not work in Linux.

if MoviePlayingStatus = True then
  lbl_moviestatus.text="Video is paused"
end if

Do you ever set it to false?

Yes, I do set it to false elsewhere. What’s confusing me, is that it works just fine on MacOS. Everything else works fine on Windows and Linux as well. It’s just this one bit of code that should stop the video in each OS, but doesn’t. Only MacOS.

Is it actually getting into that if…end if section, and just not stopping the player, or is it skipping around the section?

Yes, gets to that section. I’ve got it working in Windows and MacOS now, still no dice in Linux. I’ll do some more debugging over the weekend