Why no forum for polish people

I’m not polish, but I just wonder when I read this page: http://xojo.com/community/casestudies/poland.php (Country of Poland Teaches Xojo to 60,000 Students in 600 High Schools)

So many students would make sense they had a chance to evolve through this forum. Then I’m a bit surprised I don’t see a Polish channel

As I said, I’m just wondering.

That project is from 2006 or so. I don’t think there are many Xojo users in Poland right now.
I may be wrong though. Any Polish users here? Jest kto? z Polski? :wink:


But one of my parents was born there! :wink:

I could speak it fluently as a child (though I was illiterate ) but over the last 3 decades after my Polish only speaking relatives pasted, I forgotten it and can no longer speak it

  • Karen

No one has asked for Polish yet but we can add it if they do.