why is this so difficult?

please help me out. i pay the top license fee to have upgrades. how ever i can’t use these upgrades because a simple bug that didn’t exist in Xojo 2013.

this would not be such a big deal except I submitted a bug report, #31484, for something only in the desktop version. for what ever reason, it was moved to the web version. nothing happened for 3 months. when i pointed out the error, it was moved back to the proper category, the bug was finally verified then within 30mins was marked fixed.

a month later we get 2014r1.1. guess what. the bug is not fixed. so do i submit another bug report? ask for an explanation why it is marked fixed and it clearly is not fixed? or if it is fixed, why can it not be in this release and I will have to wait months more? ask for me money back? drop xojo? i can’t see that i should have to waste my time writing a bunch of work around code for something that worked in a previous version and apparently is an easy fix. what’s the point of the feedback system?

if you can’t tell, i’m frustrated and would appreciate an explanation from Xojo.

I would suggest crafting an email to Xojo directly vs. posting a rant as you know you this will most likely start (another) flame war and won’t help you resolve your issue.

Anytime I have contacted Dana or Alyssa from Xojo I have always received communications back quickly. I suggest that you try this route to resolve your issue.

It was marked as fixed on Mar 14
However, it has not been marked as “fixed & verified” (i.e. it has not passed internal QA yet)
Nor has it shown up in a release note saying it was released to the public in a shipping release yet

So it is “fixed” as far as the engineer is concerned
But it has not gone out to the rest of the world

So Thomas just wait a few days and it may be in the first 2014r2 beta.

If you want a workaround, put a rectangle on your window and put your button inside that rectangle. In the window.open event, put:

  Rectangle1.FillColor = me.BackColor
  Rectangle1.BorderWidth = 0

I tested this with your button_bug example in your feedback and it works fine on Win7 in a virtual machine. It sucks that you need to do that, but if you’re stuck…

Sorry. Not meaning to rant, but I am frustrated.

Norman, I commented in the bug report asking if it would be in the next release and got no response. I thought I would be patient and wait for the next release. How long does it take to get a simple fix verified? I am asking to try and understand your dev cycles.

Bill, thanks. That’s what I’m trying to avoid because I do a lot of dynamic buttons in my apps that’s why this bug is a problem for me.

Could you just put the rectangle behind EVERYTHING on the entire window, and then set the parent to it when you add them?

(edit: I know this still stinks, but at least it would work until the bug fix is released)

Did you notice red line left of Exception statements?
I reported this too in January and was not happy about it not being verified early enough. I think there must be a big backlog on things to verify…

Christian, I didn’t notice that. The other thing that is confusing is the bug report was closed after it was supposedly fixed. I would not consider it closed until it was verified. Also how do you download the beta version. can’t find the links even though i followed the instructions.

  1. we don’t usually say “this will be fixed on such & such a date” or anything like that
  2. while the bug was submitted in Jan (and verified as a bug a matter of a couple hours later on new years day) that doesn’t mean it will get fixed ASAP for the next release
  3. we did have things to get done for the conference and the r 1.1 release cycle - this wasn’t on that list
  4. the report was “closed” when it was moved to “fixed” status - that means the engineer has filed a fix and that it’s now in QA’s hands to verify that the fix is effective OR reopen the case & give it back to the engineer. It’s “closed” only in that the report is no longer considered open pending a fix. If the QA folks reject the fix it will get reopened

We release about once per quarter and this particular item wasn’t in the list of things that got fixed in the R1 or R1.1 release
Sorry but that’s just the reality of having lots of items (bug fixes, feature request and new functionality) to review, verify & deal with in every release cycle

Norman, thanks for clarifying.