Why folder in Applications no permission?

Slightly OT for Xojo, but I’m installing a REAL/Xojo app.

I use Apple’s installer to install my programs. (Let’s not talk about why, please.) I have the application written in a 2-folder nest; first the company name, then the app name. Apple’s installer will write the two folders and writes my app inside them. Fine.

The problem I used to encounter is that some users - definitely not all - would complain about both/either folder refusing to let the user open it. Permissions issue obviously, so I just have them change the permissions via GetInfo and all is well.

Does anyone know why some Mac’s do this and some don’t? I know about ACL’s. We aren’t talking about power users, all these people likely just bought their Macbook Pro or whatever and that’s how their permissions and ACL’s came. Any thoughts?

Permissions are the biggest pain in OS X, especially as changing ACL’s is not something that a user can easily do.

Try removing all ACLs before you package. Off the top of my head you need to use chmod with the options -RN. App Wrapper does this for you when you use App Wrapper, but App Wrapper currently doesn’t allow for the folder customization that you’re looking for.

When Apple first started using ACLs, we would find that some users could open our apps and some couldn’t. So I wrote “Permissions Reset” (http://ohanaware.com/permissionsreset/) and used it on the application before we’d zip it up or copy to DMG. Now of course with the ACL clearing built into App Wrapper…