Why doesn't the Property Inspector Locking/Unlocking remain in state set?

Hello all,

I am trying to unlock all 4 corners of objects within a form. One by one, I click each of the locked icons to change from locked to unlocked. However when I click the left one, the right one locks and the left unlocks. Clicking the top, unlocks the top and locks the bottom.

Why does it do this and who to fix?

Thank you,

Unlocking all four sides is not supported, I think. Either top or bottom and either left or right must be locked.

What behavior would you expect? I think we have to do this in code (in the Resizing/Resized event handlers).

Hello Peter,
I have expected to be able to unlock all 4 sides, allows freedom for whatever the need may be, without a limitation artificially imposed. I do not recall this being an issue in RS, but maybe it was there too and did not realize it.

I believe that would be proper operation. If it is not locked to something what would happen if you resized the window, where would the control go?

If you want to place the control at a specific location why not just do that in the window1.resized event, that way you can put the control wherever you want.

LockLeft and LockTop are implied. If LockRight is false, LockLeft must be true. RS let you turn off LockLeft and LockRight, but the behavior was identical to having LockLeft and LockRight false. So the Xojo UI merely demonstrates this. The behavior has not actually changed.

If you unlock all 4 corners of the objects, they will slip on the screen and fall at your feet. :smiley: