Why does this code get "18446744073709551615" as the Ubound of a 17 item array?

This is a follow up question regarding the array contents described in Why does this code generate "The Text Could Not Be Converted" at the .toText?

When I execute the modified code given in my last post to that thread and it reads the sample data in that post for some reason it insists that the Ubound of the “Input_Data” array is the huge number in the subject rather than the correct value of 16.

Can anyone tell me why?

That value is what you get if you coerce -1 into a uint64. So the machine is actually telling you the array reads as empty. Why that is, I could not tell, but that’s at least a next step to investigate.

And use Integer here instead.

Which event fires first Window.Activate or Window.Open? The docs said Open so I put the code to populate TestCases there. However, the “-1 Ubound” suggests that Activate is actually firing first.

Found the cause in Punycode_Data’s Constructor! An unnoticed pair of typos had caused the code to not copy the array of UInts to “Self.Input_Data” but rather to an accidentally created local array!