Why do webcontainers load so slowly?

That’s it . . . Why do webcontainers load so slowly?

This is a known bug. There are several other threads about this already.

For reference:

even in web 1.0 it takes over three minutes to load and make usable a grid of 20 x 20 containers.

Can’t say that I ever saw WebContainers take quite that long to load on Web 1.0, but I’ll take your word for it. I don’t have a solution for you beyond possibly reevaluating the complexity of the contents of those WebContainers. For Web 2.0, I believe the Feedback Case for bottlenecks on WebContainers has been marked as Fixed.

When I tested it there was one weblabel in each container and that’s it.

If they fix weblistboxes I won’t need the containers

Interesting. I ran a grid of 64 WebContainers, each of which was embedded in a WebSDK component, and each contained a fairly complex WebSDK component. For Web 1.0 I don’t think I ever saw more than a few seconds wait for the entire page to render. For Web 2.0, I’m seeing a wait time of around 15 seconds as the first session loads on app launch, but better speeds on subsequent sessions.

I wonder if I’m creating and imbedding containers differently than you are . . .

var products() as Pair = getProducts

var intMax as Integer = products.LastIndex
var currentProduct as Pair
var productName, productIcon as String
var c as ccHomeCard
for intCycle as Integer = 0 to intMax
  currentProduct = products(intCycle)
  productName = currentProduct.Left
  productIcon = currentProduct.Right
  if isProductAdded( productName ) then
    c = new ccHomeCard( productIcon, productName )
    c.EmbedWithin( self, -c.Width, 0, c.Width, c.Height )
    AddHandler c.ButtonPressed, WeakAddressOf productLaunch
    gwwDemo.AddPanel( new GraffitiWallPanel( &cffffffff, c ) )
  end if

What is ccHomeCard? What control on in it?

ccHomeCard is a WebContainer that has an instance of GraffitiCard, a WebSDK component.

If you’re a GraffitiSuite customer, you can inspect all of this in the demo.

Just realized you said 64 containers or 8x8, right?

My 20x20 is 400 containers so weblistboxes are needed and so is drag and drop between listboxes

Hi Anthony, could you please point me to which feedback cases are marked as fixed? Unfortunately my most important feedbacks are still stuck:


Thank you

This can be a showstopper for Web2 for complex UIs.

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Why are you using a container for each cell? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I use a custom DataTable on Web 1.0 with up to 50 rows and it loads in a couple seconds, using a container for each row.

you mean a weblistbox?


what do you mean by DataTable?

A table made to work with databases. Headers, rows, columns, search field, filters, action buttons for each row (Edit, delete, view), pagination…