Why do labels have tab indexes?

It would certainly simplify setting the tab order.

Just guessing, but for Accessibility perhaps? (ie: Blind people can tab through in correct order)

Fair enough, I hadn’t thought about that. I guess I should place my labels in the right order then.


I think it’s just because they are rectcontrols, and rectcontrols have that property. I added a feature request asking to ignore non-selectable controls in the tab order view many moons ago: <https://xojo.com/issue/16766>

No, it’s needed for accessibility. It might be a pain for you as a developer if you don’t care about disabled people being able to use your application (and there are legitimate reasons why you might not, e.g., if you’re developing a graphics design application then blind people are probably not your customers), but it should nonetheless be turned on as the default. In many jurisdictions, there are laws that require accessibility, and if, e.g., you try to sell an application to a government agency and the labels are not in the tab order, your application will be rejected (unless the agency ignores the law).

Yes - allowing tabbing to labels in order allows screen readers to properly provide information for visually impaired users.

I suspect that this will all be much more useful once the Xojo team gets the display of multi-tab/panel assignment correct.

Ah, makes sense, thanks for enlightening me.