Why Code Standards are Important

This, my friends, is why code standards are important.

This shouldn’t be an issue for me.

…that guy will be so busy, he’ll never have time to come after me.

I maintain my own code so thats already true here :stuck_out_tongue:

Next month I get to return to work onsite (been out since end of July for medical reasons). Some people are worried about the code review that I always do after returning from an absence. :wink:

Keep in mind, the violent psychopath might just be you six months from now.

One of the best ways to figure out “code standards” is to START by doing maintenance of other peoples code (not your own)

You’ll find all the things that drive you nuts soon enough and come up with a standard to make it so YOU don’t do it to others down the road

Personally I think everyone should get familiar with a code base by doing maintenance first

I wouldnt call you a psychopath…

mwahahahahahaha …