Who would like to take over xDev Tips&Tricks column?

Hi all,

It’s all getting a bit too much for me (lately I’ve been writing 30% of xDev) and I need to reduce my involvement there.

The “We are Xojo” column has pretty much run its course (although I still hope for one contribution in particular), I can’t really drop the Multicore series (and already have ideas for two more series), the occasional article (like “Spot the error”) is lots of fun, so sadly I have to drop the Tips&Tricks column.

So who feels like taking it over? It’s a lot of work for a pittance of a pay but it is also a lot of fun (and you learn a lot searching for Tips).

Ideally you should probably start using the new framework as I feel the column should start transitioning to it (and I’m still mostly using REALstudio 2012 R2.1) and at least dabble with Web, iOS, and Pi (I don’t use them. That’s why there are no Tips&Tricks about them).

Anyone interested please pm me.



Geez Markus… remember… you are in Europe… and most of America has been asleep for the past 8 hours or so… it may near 3pm for you… but its barely 7am for where I am. you posted this at midnight from my point of view.

@Dave: I know, but the forum has been pretty active, the thread was far down, and to show it to the Americans having breakfast I bumped it. I don’t think a little bump after 7 hours is excessive … :wink:

Markus, be realistic. It might take some time to decide for somebody who is indeed interested.

I think ANY bump is inconsiderate. but then thats just me

I don’t expect anyone to decide immediately, I bumped it to show it to more people. As Dave pointed out the Americans were asleep when I posted originally.

Well, I appreciate you bumping it with a moan then :slight_smile:

Will endeavour to follow your example and in the future disguise my bumps better :wink:

In the spirit of elections coming up: I wonder if we could just democratically elect someone?

… any nominations?

You may nominate other people!

I nominate @Markus Winter :slight_smile:

Thanks, but after two (yearly) terms in office the my constitution does not allow me a third :frowning:

It was just a bump :slight_smile:

Guess what? So was my reply … :wink:

… but not the last one! Honest reply to Wayne!

No bumping involved, and no bumps were hurt in the writing of the reply.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a “tips and tricks” chapter here on the forum ? like the announcement of events, just to state them, not for reply. ? In collaboration with xDev ?
BTW: I’d like to say to @Marc Zeedar and all the contributors that I like this magazine.

@Joost. I’m not quite sure what you mean, but most tips come from trying to find a solution to a problem. There have been attempts to collect them (website, software, code snippet collections) but they all petered out.

The biggest problem in my mind for all those attempts was that most of the time no context was given, so for example you had a code snippet but no extensive explanation as to how it came to be, what problem it solved, what to look out for. So the learning effect was minimal, and usability limited. That’s what I tried to adress in my column, and that’s why a few lines of code can turn into five paragraphs of text, or even have a whole follow up article by themselves (like “Spot the error” as a follow up to a tip about integer overflow errors).

As always, it’s the documentation that matters, and people don’t like to write documentation :wink: