Who else can't "tap" or "swipe" an iPhone/Pad?

99% of the time, if I attempt to tap or swipe a control in an iOS app it ignores me… Yet my wife has no issue at all… It simply does not react to my touch… If I use one of those capacitive stylus (with the special foam tips) I have no problem… but not if it is my skin on the screen.

Dry hands? My Dad used to have the same problem.

skin lotions sometimes screw things up

Dry hands? not really… but not calloused either (white collar type guy)
Skin Lotions… not an issue… just soap and water…

No there is something either chemically or electrically different about me :slight_smile: Seriously.

I cannot wear a watch… it will be dead in a matter of weeks. no matter the type (electronic or mechanical)… best I managed for a while was a pocket watch… I can touch certain types of metal surfaces and my hand/finger prints will be rusted in within a few hours.

I read an article that 10% of the population have a similar issue, making mobile devices less than convienent to use

That’s interesting, first time I read about this.

There are people who body naturally carries a significant charge
And electronics just misbehave because of this
Body capacitance

Same thing here. Touch screens in the car or turning on my oven are more challenging, though, than my iPhone is. Dave and I must be electrifying!

My wife thinks she’s a zombie since the electronic buttons on the washing machine and dryer don’t respond for her, but they do for me (my soft, fat, IT fingers I assume). Come to think of it, she does like brains, hmm…

Or she likes you doing the washing and drying :smiley:

I hadn’t thought of that… I too must be a Zombie! … that would explain everythng!!!

Maybe your iOS apps are still upset at you about that PC purchase? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah… this has been going on since before iOS… occurred on an old Compaq Mobile something I had eons ago as well

Try one of the stylus pens (with the rubber tip). That’s solved my issues. I just use a cheepo pen that I got from a model railroad reseller.

BTW - my static arc can jump 6" depending on the weather. Hurts like I’ve been shot (and I have been …)!

That is what I have resorted to (except when I misplace it)

sounds like a budding “Super Power”!

Except it only hurts ME! :S

That definitely sounds like body capacitance

I heard a story once that I jve no idea about how truthful it is but doing some reading on this it sure seems plausible
There was this a lady who kept returning toasters that had burned out
They were merely days old and there were no obvious reasons for this
Turns out that she carried an enormous charge and would, when she touched the toaster, fry them
Product engineers tested her to finally figure what was going on

Testing happens - They did that to me in the USCG - I fried a Fluke O’Scope and an HP Signal Generator on ship in one go. I had tacks added to my boot soles and a permanent grounding strap as part of my uniform onboard.

Hey Tim… did you have an Uncle named Fester??? :slight_smile:

Shhhh - you’ll wake cousin It and we’ll never get back to sleep around here :stuck_out_tongue: