White web page on 50% of Android devices!

This week I tested my web application with 30 people, a simple page with a button to send a photo, I had a wifi router where everyone could connect, so far no worries.
Those who had an iphone, no problem, the page was displayed, but for half the people on android, the page remained blank, you could see that it was blocking at some point!
My web application doesn’t have an https certificate! Is that the problem?
So, as I had a usb dongle with a shared internet connection, I tried via this dongle and there, no worries for everyone! I admit I don’t really understand what’s happening!
Do you have any ideas?
Thanks in advance…

Anything in common within the 50% Android devices (android version, browser used, browser version, provider)?

Looks like a connection problem if they have no issue connecting to your page if they use the dongle. Maybe it will help if you have https but maybe not.

for sending gps position you need https

permissions issue? have the user allow permissions to camera/photos by dialog?

I’m going to try https, but I have to admit that it’s quite surprising that it only works if the router shares one internet connection and not the other!

The page doesn’t load at all, not even the header, but it works with the other router that shares the internet, so it’s nothing…