which window embedded this container

There is a window(W1) , a textfield (TF) and there is a global container listbox(ccLb)

When function F1 is hit in the TF, we will call a global method M1 which will embed a window(W2) which will embed ccLb. We do AddHandler of a method M2 of W1

How can I give the ID of W1 to M1, without M1 knowing what W1 is, unless that it is a window.

If M2 is a method of W1, M1 has to know about W1
If M2 is a global method, M2 has to know where the TF is, because he has to update it.

Let me hope that someone can follow me

You could use a class interface. That would allow you to generalize the types of objects that can be referenced. Then you just apply the interface to each object that is allowed.

All my objects are global. The ones I need are embedded in a window.
Then I use addhandler myeventdef, adressof Method, which is a method of the window, containing the embedded objects.
But this case is special, because it is another window(created by a textfield ) which contains the container that has the addhandler.
The only thing I want to know is:
Which parameter do I have to give to the method that is creating the new window, so that this new window knows who the calling window is.
something like:
In the calling window :
dim w as window = self

I don’t understand how a class Interface would solve this.

Ok, then I don’t understand what you are asking. Perhaps a diagram would work?

Or a little demo project

I will try to make something tomorrow