Which System to use to compile?

I have written several programs for both Windows and MacOS on a MacBook Pro but it was several years ago. I am thinking about getting back in the game and I now have a 2018 MB Pro and a MacBook Air with the new M1 processor. I also have a Windows 11 machine. The program I am thinking about developing is an audio project so the Target would most likely be Mac although a Windows option would be a bonus.
Given those choices, which platform would be the best one to reinstall Xojo?
Thanks in advance for your response.

Well the “Platform” to write and create a program is one thing, the compile and test is another and that is test on every platform you intend to release for

Right, so I guess the question is: Should I compile on the M1 based MacBook Air or the Intel based MacBook Pro?

I’d write on the platform you “live in”, and use Remote Debug to actively test to “other” platforms. :slight_smile:


I go with @William_Reynolds advice

I will say use the M1 'cause it is faster; else follow previous advice.

Nota: I saw no difference in use (hardware / hands) between intel and m1 machines…

I use my Mac for my Mac builds, and my PC for my Windows builds. This allows greater parallelization, and I need Windows-specific work done anyway, such as signing and installers. So each system does its own work, and I use my NAS to organize the final products before the go up to the CDN.